Gilda & Pearl - Luxury Lingerie

Founded in 2011 by Diane Houston, Gilda & Pearl has the goal of introducing the world to luxury lingerie living anGilda & Pearl - black d lounging more glamorously in vintage-inspired designs, whilst creating and sustaining artisanal jobs within the garment industry. 

Inspired by the beauty of craftsmanship and the bold Femme Fatales of Hollywood golden age film, Gilda & Pearl’s unique aesthetic and ‘lingerie to love’ began with just a few handmade pieces, and grew quickly to become a press and celebrity favourite.
Today, Gilda & Pearl is available in the world’s best department stores. The brand is regularly featured in magazines such as Vogue and worn by A-list celebrities such Naomi Campbell, Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

Gilda & Pearl represents our inspirations.

Gilda is one of classic cinema’s most intriguing Femme Fatales, while the lustrous pearl is as beautiful as it is unique by virtue of its creation process.

These ideals - Beauty, Character and Craft - are sewn by hand into every piece we create. Each exquisite garment is designed and made in the UK, imbued with breathtaking creativity and traditional making skills.

Gilda & Pearl

You’ll see it in every detail. You’ll feel it in every garment.

Today, every Gilda & Pearl piece is still handmade in the UK with over 85% natural materials, as it was in the beginning. Our UK manufacture allows us to know exactly who makes each Gilda & Pearl piece, and exactly how and where every garment is created. Much of our production is done by hand and everyday they  work with highly skilled makers across the country, with whom the company has built relationships with throughout the years. Every Gilda & Pearl piece is hand-cut in individual or small batches, and in many cases, the pieces are sewn in their entirety by one individual maker. Every button is hand-stitched, every seam and hem meticulously sewn and hand-trimmed. Working with the finest natural silk fabrics, and the most breathtaking Leavers laces, woven in France in the 19th century looms.

"Beauty for us exists on the inside and out - like the Femme Fatales that have inspired us, our pieces stand out boldly from the rest. We value design and the beauty of craftsmanship, and work always with the goals of putting people and planet first"