Losing your motivation to stay fit?

by Celia Dixon

There’s many different reasons why we are losing our motivation to stay fit and healthy. From bad weather to a stressful day at work, there are many factors that can affect our motivation in the long term. I’ve gathered together my favourite tips to keep that motivation going and continue to build your fitness habit!

Keep a consistent workout plan

Write down your workouts for the week and plan ahead. If you plan ahead, then you naturally feel guilty for missing a workout and not following your plan. If you struggle with planning your workout, then there are so many amazing fitness apps out there that will help with this. They do come with a cost, so make sure that you subscribe to one that is right for you. 

Eat wholesome and healthy foods

During bad weather and gloomy days, we are all more inclined to consume foods that don’t have good nutritional value. Food that doesn’t give us the energy and nutrition that our body requires, won’t bring us any motivation to stay fit either. The more tired you feel, the more likely you are to skip your workouts and fall out of your habit. Give yourself a treat once a day, but try to avoid overindulging in those comfort foods. Depending on your schedule and whether you eat before or after your workout, what we eat can also have a huge impact on how we train. Eat smart and your body will thank you!

Try not to set your goals too highMotivation to stay healthy quote

If you’re trying to head to the gym 6 days a week, but you also work full-time for 5 days a week, then maybe you’re trying to do too much in the time that you have. Our bodies don’t function well when we burn ourselves out, and you can end up losing more progress in the end. Try to aim for 2-3 days per week for around a month, and then if you feel this could be built up, then add an extra day and see how it goes. After all, quality over quantity! 

Don’t compare your journey to somebody else’s

Everyone will have a different path that they follow to reach their goals. If your journey isn’t the same as somebody else’s, then that is completely normal. We all progress at different rates, and it’s more fun when your progress is gradual and easy to track. If everything happened at once, you wouldn’t have anything to work towards! Just because somebody can squat 100kg doesn’t mean you should too.

Workout with a friend

If working out with a friend is enjoyable for you, then keep this going! Organise regular meet-ups in the gym, go for a swim, go for a walk. Whatever you both enjoy, having someone to talk to can massively change your mindset when it comes to fitness. It can also be a good opportunity to catch up whilst you stay fit and healthy together!

Whatever your reasons for keeping fit, remember why you started. We all have a reason for trying to improve our health and wellbeing, and this is so important to remember. Just think about how good you feel when you stick to your routine and keep that motivation to stay fit! Find what works for you, and keep going. A habit takes time to build, so give yourself that time and most importantly, enjoy!