Dr Kate's top tips on how to keep bloating at bay during the Christmas party season

Want to know how to keep bloating at bay this Christmas season? Follow Dr Kate's top tips to find out.

1.      Stay hydrated – Keeping hydrated (with water, not alcohol!) is essential for all aspects of health, including supporting our gut microbiome and immune system.  It helps to ensure that we are naturally flushing out toxins and helps our digestive system to work better, reducing the risk of constipation which may cause bloat and even poor skin as a result.  

2.      Take your time while eating – Eating slowly allows foods to be digested properly. This means taking your time while chewing and not rushing, giving your stomach time to realise what's going on. It's also said that you feel more satisfied with your meal if you take time to enjoy it. The extra timing allows your brain to register that you're full and signals to stop eating, hence helping to beat the bloat associated with over-eating.  

3.      Take a probiotic – Bloating could suggest you have an imbalance in the gut. Probiotics are designed to help keep your gut healthy by rebalancing the composition of your gut microbiome, keeping those good bacteria levels nice and high. How do they work? Probiotics can form a helpful protective barrier (like a wall of soldiers) on the gut lining and protect you against bad bugs.  Some probiotics may even help to break down foods such as gluten or lactose and aid in healthy digestion. Take a high-quality probiotic which has been specifically researched for beating the bloat. 

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