The Seychelles spirit: how to find the islands' best rum

What’s a holiday without sampling the finest local tipple alongside amazing meals? Whilst Seychelles is known for its outstanding wildlife and natural beauty, there is one high-quality, locally produced product that everyone should know about: RUM. Read on to find out about 4 types of rum and local gastronomy you must experience when visiting!

Rummage around in aromatic gardens and historic buildings

Once home to copra kilns along with cinnamon and patchouli distilleries, La Plaine St. André is now the distillery for the renowned Takamaka rum. The garden flourishes with the many medicinal plants, herbs and fruit trees it was famous for. Make a day out of visiting the site, which is a national heritage monument! 

Guided tours of the distillery, historical property and garden are followed by a rum tasting. After, take your time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings with an amazing cocktail or a delicious meal made from local ingredients at the award-winning Restaurant, La Grande Maison.

Drink rum from a coconut

Want to experience a natural immersion of taste with your rum? Endemic’s Rum in a Shell is the most recent creation in the Spirit of the Seychelles Craft Distillery where rum is poured into Seychellois coconuts. The liquor infuses with the flesh of the coconut to create a beautifully flavoured, natural and unique spirit.

Endemic rum is also available in three other flavours: thyme, lime and passion fruit. Zack Liapoun, the founder of the rum range, sources his ingredients from local markets. You can catch him with his products almost every Wednesday, at the Bazar Labrin, a weekly fare in the northern Mahe district of Beau Vallon where local products and food are sold.

Sample fragrant flavours A man on a seychelles holiday

A kaleidoscope of flavours ranging from lemongrass, curacao blu, coco, white and black cacao, passion fruits, and cinnamon, La Buse Rum is a must-try! It’s yeast- and methanol-free and is of high quality that is considered unharmful to health (when consumed in moderation of course!).

The aromatic rum is produced by Renato Longobardi, an Italian national who’s been living in Seychelles for over two decades, who learnt the practice of making liquor from monks at the Vatican.

And the above aren’t the only fragrant flavours you’ll come across. With influences from Africa, China, Europe and India Seychelles’ cuisine is full of variety and diverse tastes! As well as an amazing selection of fresh fish and seafood, prepared in all ways imaginable, you can sample interesting new dishes such as bat curry or even shark chutney!

The taste of authentic Seychelles 

Inspired by the 18th-century infamous pirate Olivier Levasseur, Levasseur Rum is an expression of patience, richness, quality and master blending. This special spirit is Bourbon barrel-aged to perfection in antique barrels, infused with authentic notes of whiskey, brown nut, oak and vanilla, containing no added sugars! 

Marco Francis draws great parallels between his rum with Seychelles’ history and culture: the little known island legacy of a rum-making heritage and the islands’ admirable slow pace of life, that values the unhurried evolution of all to achieve true greatness in the fullness of time.

Want to experience one of the most authentic creole buffets along with Levasseur Rum? Head to Les Lauriers on the Praslin Island! A short stroll away from the beach, you’ll find this haven of exceptional friendly service, romantic ambience and a huge range of quality dishes be it meats from the BBQ, octopus curry or the many veggie options!

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