Kitchen Design Trends

If you’ve got big plans to revamp your kitchen in 2020, taking a look at some of the latest trends will provide plen

Kitchen Design Trends

ty of inspiration.

If you plan to banish the January blues with some interior design updates there’s no better place to start than in the kitchen. Achieving a fresh new look for the spring needn’t break the bank or require a complete redesign – some quick and simple changes can have a big impact.

Begin by focusing on those parts of the kitchen that are most on show, such as the worktops.

For the perfect spring-time feel opt for natural-look materials; quartz and ceramic surfaces are ideal for the kitchen and are now very popular. They can be chosen in a variety of styles including marble-effect designs that will lend the kitchen an air of luxury, and they are extremely hardwearing and easy to look after.

Taps are another area of the kitchen that are worth focusing on – these are relatively simple and inexpensive to change yet can really draw the eye and help tie the whole kitchen design together. Metallic finishes, such as brushed brass and copper, are now very popular and can turn the sink area of the kitchen into a focal point while tying into with other fittings including door handles and accessories. 

If you are considering any structural changes, then removing a dividing wall between the kitchen and living area could be worth some thought. Open-plan kitchens suit our modern lifestyles, encouraging the family to socialise and making small spaces

Kitchen Design - sink
Abode Althia tap 

look and feel much bigger. With walls removed there will be some practical things to bear in mind though, one of which is noise from appliances and cooking odours. 

Extractor hoods, for example, can be noisy, distracting those using the living space while dinner is cooking and design-wise they are often bulky, creating a visible obstacle in open-plan settings, particularly when they need to be in the centre of the room above an island unit with integrated hob. This is where it is worth investing in a downdraft extractor, as this latest cooking technology quietly and directly draws off odours from the hob, for the best of both worlds.

Visualising your dream kitchen, or even how some of the smaller changes can make an impact, can be difficult so if you can pay a trip to a 4D retailer. 





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BORA Pure is a cooktop extraction system designed to maximise on space in even the smallest of kitchens. For stockists visit

The Abode Althia tap is available in several finishes, including Brushed Brass, perfect as an accent piece to turn the sink area of the kitchen into a focal point. For stockists visit